24 December, 2005

The Joy of Atheism (part.1)

Atheism is a feeling of confidence.
Atheism has nothing to prove.
Atheism requires no subservience.
Atheism is not sustained by hypocrisy.
Atheism demands nothing.
Atheism is objective and eye-opening.
Atheism is the power of nothing.
Atheism excludes nobody.
Atheism is rule less.
Atheism is non-discriminatory.
Atheism has no up and down, black and white.
Atheism is questions.
Atheism is embracing and inclusive.
Atheism gives nothing but takes nothing.
Atheism has no beginning, or any end.
Atheism is liberating.
Atheism has no leader or dictator.
Atheism is pure and clean.
Atheism is about people.
Atheism has no set morality.
Atheism requires no belief.
Atheism is you.
Atheism is joy.

1 comment:

Kevin Parry said...

I agree with this. I've recently only considered myself an atheist, so I'm still learning about the whole concept.

All the best