07 January, 2006

countdown has started!

the countdown has just started! I guess this would be the month where all the iceus juniors are so stressed and probably rather depressed with tons of tasks i.e. finishing the presentation from Prof. Ott (argh! beside preparing the presentation, we are also obliged to make minimum 15 pages homework from our topic! please sir, with all due respect! give us a break will you?), collecting more resources and writing them down for Prof. Zwengel's task (fyi, i'm still in a state of questioning what the advantages would be by doing this task. Oh well, we are required to do it anyway, so i guess it's not even worthwhile questioning it), gathering and reorganising things for xenology project (again another not-so-useful-but-we-are-forced-to-do-it project! i'm sorry Prof. Hinnenkamp, no offence!), reading more books and sorting material out for European Integration (hmm.. i'm speechless about this task! don't get me wrong. he's a good lecturer and also a decent human being, but there's something 'funny' with the way he lectures.. it's too monotone probably?), etcetera, and so on. Oh, not to forget to mention the papers that we must send to Prof. Hinnenkamp with his Semiotic and Pragmatic Models which i have just noticed today that some colleagues in iceus have not sent them yet (gee, i thought i was the only one in class who procrastinates about things. guess what...? there are plenty of them =P i don't really know whether i should be happy or sad knowing this fact).

despite the fact that we have only a few more weeks left before we have our semester holiday, i suppose everyone is trying their best to keep (or forced to keep) their mood going well so they can hold their current pace study rhythm and finish the first semester decently. there have not been many things happening lately since the new year's break. We have only one more lecture from Prof. Schrader in European Law sometime during this month, which i presume is a good thing for all of us because we won't be forced to wake up at 7.30 on wednesday morning again, rushing to the class hurriedly just to avoid the guilty feeling when we arrive late. I am actually a bit sad about it because it appears that we (or i personally) only started to enjoy this lecture after we'd been on the excursion to strasbourg. Enjoying the lecture in the sense it became clearer than it ever was before (at least for me personally because he always used such complicated law terms in German). Oh well, c'est la vie.. you never really know what you have til it's gone. He's a nice person and a competent lecturer afterall. Hmm, i'm quite anxious about the 3 hour exam as a result of the combination between Prof. Nothdurft and Prof. Hinnenkamp lectures (it's gonna suck!). On top of that, we still have to think or at least already have idea about where we are going to make our internship (I don't know whether i'm exaggerating about our current situation or if it really is that terrible! well, i guess im just self-pitying here..)hmm, it could be worse!

cheers mate!

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Anonymous said...

Oi, what is the relevance
of 'playing drama' as a name?

Ragil said...

who are you anonymous?? sorry, i dont talk to stranger... =P

Fängt mit H an said...

Hey Ragil, ich dachte nur, dass du deinen Blog vielleicht öfter checkst als deine Emails. Deshalb hier der Hinweis: guck mal deine gmail-Postbox an. ich hab dir gerade geschrieben.

grüße von hanne

pitra said...

i also wanna know, what playing drama means

maybe you could write it in your blog, you know, the story behind the name, where do you got it (i hope it's not came from your narssistic life story, i heard enough of that =P )

well, you must answer me, i am not that stranger to you, am i?

miss u here

Ragil said...


just admit it, u miss seeing me being narcisstic, right? it gives you pleasure because you know somehow you're not alone (of being narcissism!) ;P
btw, i'll try to make a post based on your request. to be honest, don't know either where that nickname came from. but, i'll try to write again for the sake of good old time..

Firdavs said...

Your next post will be about your renovated flat!
And Happy Birthday! All the best in your studies and personal things. And loads of money and happiness!
Sorry that did not congratulate you on time.
Hasta la vista, baby.