02 January, 2006

a slight but decent update?

well, this is definitely not becoming part of my new year's resolutions, but, indeed i'm rather happy to make an attempt (and lots of efforts as well!) updating my blog templates.

some of you might think, "what is he doing? why is he so inconsistent?" or even "gee, doesn't he have any better things to do beside occupying most of his time with blogging?". well, i was bored with my old templates and i still have the right to comfort myself and gain some reward for my recent study effort. Blogging is my hummble reward, though.

anyway, here's the most recent updates of my templates. enjoy!

well, one more thing before i conclude my update entry, would really like to say "happy new year to one and all! wishing you all more joyful moments to be through in 2006! all the best..

ps: more updates are coming soon!

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Bec said...

I am back!!!!!