13 February, 2007


Almost a year since my last posting.
Things have changed since.
Almost two and half years since my first day arriving in Germany.
Things have changed since.

Almost this and almost that.
and things have changed since..
It's about time...

When i decided to resurrect this page from the depth of my thought, I fully knew the consequences to discipline my chaotic mind once again. I knew I've lost it somewhere along the way. A piece of me.
The need to articulate fragments of life, to reunite and give them meanings. Or perhaps simply the need of catharsis, to purify the black spots. I've lost it somehow along the way.
It's about to conduct yourself to a certain habituation, a pattern. But, I've lost it along the way.
Let this tiny piece of posting be the new beginning. So that I know, I have not fully lost it...

1 comment:

elvy said...

welcome back to the blogosphere. ^^
now i can put the link back (last time i was here, it showed an ad site or something, so i took the link off my blog).

been reading lu's posts about your holiday in indonesia. man, it's such an envy...