13 February, 2007


For some people, it might be a really big catastrophe of not having 'soundtrack of your life'. Sort of compilation of songs that spice up your life. Well, i tell you what: I have difficulty to picture my life not having this kind of 'playlists' for each and every occasion. Music is part of my life. It is possibly part of everyone's life. Since it was firstly discovered, for more than 4000 years BC or even more, music has evolved and gone through periods of time, namely medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and 20th century era music. Albeit this periodical is rather bias because of the usage of the western civilisation to remark the birth of written records and studies deal with the history of music.

So, that was the prologue and now three remaining days before our departure to Indonesia. The song from Chantal Kreviazuk came across my thought. I have no idea why but it just happened to be the first song that popped out my mind for this kind of occasion - leaving a place and heading to another place. Though, some bits from Oasis in their 'married with children' fit also perfectly for the occasion - goodbye, I'm going home. Interestingly, when i typed the word 'leave' in my iTunes, couple of good songs appeared. 'Don't leave home' - Dido, 'leave' - Matchbox 20, 'leaving New York' - R.E.M., 'if you leave me now' by Chicago and some other obscure songs.

What has it got to do with my current state of being? Well, this is indeed an emotional moment. It never really occurred in my mind that this was going to be sentimental flashback and retrospective mood. From the very first time i departed Jakarta until these three remaining days. Music has always been and will always be one of the greatest companion in my life...


Lu said...

Music the greatest companion in your life? Well, mine is chocolate! :P

Firdavs said...

What a f***!
I thought you already forgot all that activity of blogging...you skinny ass. good to asee you again in the club. I am going to be actiev too. soon gonna have internet at home.
And hey guys...i thought both of you would mention each other, as greatest companions...
But you are right music and chocolate is better than love? oder? at least something to put into mouth or earn money with :P
waiting for reply :P


Becky said...

Welcome back Ragil, however I have been a little lazy of late in regards to my Blog as well.

I will get on track.

Not counting animals and people as greatest companions(and people without die younger), I would say my imagination. Why, I take that everywhere, even when I sleep.

When I am sitting alone, have forgotten my chocolates and my music pod of sorts, what do I have to keep me company? My daydreaming. I do this everywhere, when I am in a extensive boring lecture,I am on the bus/train, someone is telling me a boring story, I let my mind just wander.

However, I must warn any intrepid mind wanders starting out, if you loose your way, you tend to all asleep which will end up with either:
a) you missing your stop,
b) Dribble on your shoulder, c)snoring in the lecture theatre, or
d) all three.

(Ok I admit, I have learnt the hard way!)

Peace out Sunshiner! I hope you are well.
I miss you heaps!