16 April, 2007

Read, watched, heard and discussed

It's April and it's shinning brightly outside. The temperature is phenomenally hot, almost 30 degree Celsius. People claim it's never been like this before. I suppose the global warming is not just a nonsensical and waste-of-time-to-discuss issue. It does exist and it's there outside, ready to tear our skin apart.

A Reportage from BBC recently shows that the area that suffers at most from the global warming is on the polar regions, especially on the North pole where the indigenous people, Inuit, reside. The scientists say the rising temperature are warming the polar regions faster than anywhere else on the planet. There is a growing concern from some people due to the climate change, particularly the increase of the anthropogenic green house gas concentrations which leads to warming of the surface and lower atmosphere by increasing the greenhouse effect.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not really that surprising, the facts have been denied by some (American) scientist. They doubted the main stream idea of global warming and saying that the principal cause of the global warming remains unknown. In addition to that, they also added up that global warming is mostly due to the natural processes and that global warming is good for the society. Since America was the only country refusing to sign up the Kyoto Protocol, it must have explained a lot why they released such argumentation.

Apart from global warming issue, I've recently finished reading 'A Year in the Merde' by Stephen Clarke. Quite entertaining book. Rather different from what i expected, nevertheless worthwhile reading. It's about an Englishman who was sent to Paris by his company and had to spend a year there setting up an English tea room. The real adventure begins as he encounters intricate relations between France and England in his daily activities i.e. at work with his boss and the co-workers, in bed i.e. couple of interesting facts about Parisians regarding the sexual activities, during shopping, as well as at the restaurant.

The author view about the attitude of each nations toward European Union is also plausible within the framework of the novel. Couple of insider tips and tricks to cope with life as if you are Parisian could be more than useful if you want to spend time for more than a wee while in Paris. The French commentary from the author combined by his English sense of humor is absolutely well formed and completely hilarious. And miraculously, the book became a huge hit among the French and the Expats alike. So, dare i say it is worth reading! =)

Now, let's switch to my favourite bit. Not long ago, I was completely crazy about KT Tunstall's song (click this and maybe this one too, to read her interesting biography). Yes, the inspiring 'Suddenly I See'. I found the rhythm is nice and easy listening, plus she has quite strong and beautiful voice. It turned out to be that this song appears in the beginning of the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Well, it was sort of a coincidence when i was watching it and found out that this song as one of its soundtrack. I never really expected this to happen though. The film was so-so, if not somewhat superficial. The morality play in this film is predictable and it never really slices deeper than the surface. Nonetheless, watching Meryl Streep as a remarkably scary character is enjoyable. And frankly, that is the only entertaining bit in the film. Not surprisingly, according to this article, the film is the most expensively-costumed film in the history. If you consider yourself as a chick-flick fan, this film is, arguably, enjoyable. However, seeing it from a different angle (read: if you were thrilled with such film like 21 Grams or Mystic River) I don't really recommend you to watch it.

To conclude, let me insert some interesting and very inspiring quote by Goethe: "Life belongs to the living, and they who live must be prepared for changes". So, Berlin here we come!

Oh, one final advice,
don't forget to put sunblock onto your skin when you go out, the UV doesn't compromise too much nowadays and is more than happy to leave some noticeable mark sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, enjoy the warmth of April sun!


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Firdavs said...

i am sure you would like someone else to comment on that...bad luck....so, let's start protesting and lobbying an internationally obligatory rules for the use of high-tech, environment friendly and expensive equipments in production areas as well as switch to solar and wind energy!!!
And all those rapidly developing countries like china, india, brazil and their neighobours will have to buy this technology from G8 countries! ...if they can afford, hahaha.