05 April, 2007

This is hilarious!

Hehehe... i tried this from his blog and i think it's really funny! it cracked me up when i viewed the results. How about you try it and see what you'll get?

I tried twice with different photos and guess what i got? =)) Oh by the way, who the heck is Eddie Cibrian? and Thandie Newton? has she got something to do with Sir Isaac Newton? Goran Visnjic? some of these celebs are really famous, so famous I've never even heard their obscure names! I guess the angles of your photo do influence the outcomes. But me looks like Robbie?? no way, jose! I'd prefer Bob Dylan in this case..


1 comment:

Putti said...

hi gilz,

just found your blog. Let me link it to mine ok? Thx.

PS. I think the closest u r is with Luke Perry indeed. The test is quite a match.