30 May, 2007

one should never stop learning...

Striking! All of sudden the words from Franklin D. Roosevelt popped up in my head, the only thing that new in this world is the history that you don't know. As I started to open a page in "confession of a philosopher", I learned and discovered new facts that one of the incredible civilisation of the German-speaking world existed in the short period between the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries. A combination from brilliant composers, whose music influenced people all over the world until today, and apt philosopher, whose ideas and thoughts shaped the intellectual atmosphere until nowaday. Initiated by the emergence of renaissance and part of the early modern period - the period whose representative figures include Mozart, Kant, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Goethe, Schiller, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Marx, Brahms, Wagner, Nietzsche, Mahler, Freud, and Einstein. In the words of Schopenhauer, the philosopher is doing in abstracto what an artist is doing in concreto.


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