05 June, 2007

they were probably missing in action, Marie...

the question from her on her blog about the BBC reporter Alan Johnston who has been reported missing for awhile did succeed to make me ponder.

Indeed, not all reporter is somewhat as "fortunate" as Alan Johnston. People can share their concern by spreading the so-called "alan johnston button" which can be found also on this blog. Through this, anyone can follow, from the first day to the recent "update" his disappearance. According to report from BBC, Alan Johnston, the only international correspondent still living and working in the lawless Gaza Strip, was kidnapped on his way home from his Gaza City office on 12 March. Intensive international efforts have been orchestrated in order to secure his release.

However, the answer of marie's inquiry remains ambiguous: What happens to those who are lacking of support from the big media company? Were they simply reported as missing in action or had there also ever been some kind of "international efforts" in order to secure their release? What happened with these people who were less "fortunate" than AJ and did not receive the luxurious media hype, nevertheless, they were also dedicated to their profession? And for this, the words from Samuel Beckett popped out in my mind: "you live on earth, and there's no cure for that".
Should we see the world the way Beckett perceived it?


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