29 February, 2008

foucault's pendulum

Life is just a series crisis pendulum that swings from one anxiety to another one..

finished my thesis, but feeling apprehensive for my residence permit. If God does exist, he must have had an extremely bizarre sense of humour.. OR if God does have sense of humour, I must have been a terrible audience for not laughing about it..


marie said...

Hey Hey! First of all: Congratulations! You did it! It's over!
Concerning the anxieties (is it like this that you spell it? Seems weird...) there are a lot more to come, believe me! But nonetheless I'm drücking the Daumen!

playingdrama said...

Thanks Marie, fingers crossed too..

Heard from Andy that you guys fancy to try my other recipes and visit us for the weekend? =P hehehe..

Ihr weisst ja, dass unsere Wohnung für Freunde immer offen ist. Also, sag uns bescheid einfach ;) Drücke dir die Daumen für deine Thesis..

Rifki Akbari said...

Selamaaaat Gil! Well done :)

aroengbinang said...

the pendulung swings from crisis to emptiness..., and back again. congrats, and hope you can find time to do blogging again :). salam.

playingdrama said...

Rifki: thanks mate. Much appreciated!

Aroengbinang: Thank you very much. Indeed it's about time to do some blogging again. Need that distinctive spark to initiate the writing which apparently a little bit timid for the time being.

Becky said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Well done! Firstly on finishing it, and don't worry about the visa, (I realise that is easy for me to say, but the bureaucracy will run its course).

I am sorry this is late, but I just reopened your blog from my restored blog and saw how awesome you have made your blog.