26 June, 2008

FI-NAA-LEE (as they say in German)

First of all, I must say: well done to Turkey! You've given the spectators some utterly fantastic, nailbiting and breathtaking moment. They might have felt hard done by Germany as the match showed it wasn't the best team who went through. Germany sat back and were outplayed almost the whole match by their counterpart (apart from scoring). Alas, I couldn't care less who won it, it was a great match after all.

Nonetheless, credit where it's due. Germany have been showing some solid performances and when it comes down to scoring and getting through, intriguingly, they always manage to get there. Fair play to them. It's football who wins at the end of the day. My only hope is that the final in Euro 2008 will provide another fantastic display whoever the finalists are.

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