20 June, 2008

it was an utter madness! (but I liked it)

people got wasted all over the place, shouting and chanting random words, blocked the roads and lighted some firecrackers up, cars honked, the whole Berlin was a total chaos that night! It was an utter madness. Granted Germany played really well to dominate the game and eliminate Portugal from the Euro 2008, but I would have never expected the reaction from the crowd and the public would be that lunatic! Yes, lunatic!

Having seen the Germans in glamorous euphoria made me ponder. On the one side, it was a good thing to see that they could be proud to wave their flag and sang their national anthem loudly again after all the fuss of their history. It was a good thing to see that being nationalistic to some extent is not a crime and one shouldn't be ashamed to express it.

On the other side, what I found quite interesting was that the winning against Portugal in Euro 2008 was somehow justified my assumption to a lesser extent about 'controlled society'. The reaction from some people after the winning was simply stunning. It was as if I was seeing the 'floodgate' was being open.

Yes, I must admit that I play a little bit with stereotype in saying that most Germans are: extremely law-abiding, absurdly obsessed with well-order and rather rigid in some respects (you can always expect that you will meet an uncanny unfriendliness from most of the people you see on the street).

Stereotype, nonetheless, doesn't always necessarily mean a bad thing as some might argue. For instance, what I stated above, I do think it's somewhat a fair assessment. Although, I realise that every generalisation is dangerous, including this one. You put people into boxes, give them labels and reduce them into something they are not. So, I might contradict myself by saying all of this.

However, the point which I am trying to put across by saying that is, at the end of the day, human beings are just human beings: they love to have an off day where rules and regulations were simply made to be broken, simply chaotic, less mechanical, and perhaps less-order.

This might be a bit of diversion, but the experience that night reminded me a lot in one of my trips where I had to transit in Don Muang and Changi international Airport. For me personally, it's always nice to be in Don Muang Airport in Bangkok rather than to be in Changi international Airport in Singapore. In Don Muang, you can sense the humanness of the place and notice that straight away with the chaotic nuance but intriguingly attractive whereas in Changi, you'd feel as if you are in a hospital, sterile, mechanical and utterly boring.

That moment where Berlin got crazy was pleased me somehow. It's always nice to witness people united and celebrated the joyful moment together no matter what they are. Maybe football indeed is a universal language. My only question is what will happen to this language if Germany gets knocked out in the semifinal by Turkey? =)


zchronicle said...

Apart from glamorous football action, I am doing great Gil! :D

Btw, kabar loe gmn? Betah di Berlin? Kpn nih ketemuan hehe

playingdrama said...

hahaha... pleased to hear that mate! =)

Kabar gue baik dan sehat. Betah di Berlin. Ketemuan? yuuukk.. =D Loe di deket Den Haag ya??